Into the White Room - Going deep on the Coquihalla

Sometimes things just work out. Sitting in the pub at Mount Seymour watching light fluffy snow fall Friday night and waking up Saturday morning to snow on the streets of Vancouver, I knew there was a real possibility that this could be a rare cold smoke coastal ski weekend. Rallying the troops for a ski mission, I poured over weather data and settled on the Coquihalla Highway, site of my first and what I consider the only other REAL pow day I have had all year.

After the cyclocross season had finished, the high fitness level has worn off. With an upcoming week in Rogers Pass I knew a long hard day with some fast skiing buddies would shock my system back into top form. (Anxious already, Rogers Pass holds a special place in my heart as my time there is always magical: See Pat Mulrooney's photo gallery)

Enlisted were two trailbreaking beasts for what was sure to be DEEP conditions. How deep? We werent sure, but the quality and quantity present exceeded our elevated expectation. Meeting PJ and Eric well before sunrise, we boosted to the Coquihalla summit area after the mandatory stop at Tim Hortons. I have probably put 20 days at various locations along this highway in the last 5 years, each time learning something new and uncovering great runs.

Welcome to the White Room! As skiers we get very few days of decent stability, good visibility, and BLOWER pow. I would have to say this is one of the deepest faceshot filled pow-gasm days I have had in my skiing life. What makes a day like this even better is seeing the joy in everyone's snow-filled face, having an amazing day choking on the cold smoke.

I am already looking at next week's Whistler forecast and we could see over a metre of cold smoke in the next week! I can only wonder what Rogers Pass will be like the following week. Repeat Performance?